title: rossini apartment
type: residential
location: via rossini, conegliano, Italy
program: Structural renovations for thermal-acoustic compliance to second floor apartment. Reorganization of space layout and new finishes selection to the kitchen, living, bathroom: kitchen and living open plan; bathroom and wellness area with sauna and hydrotherapy.
Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) criteria: increased acoustic performance by geometric articulation of ceilings and wall insulation, increased natural lighting by high-light openings between perimeter rooms and central spaces, indirect artificial lighting, material and finishes with low VOC.
Service from concept to completion.
client: Giacomo Sangalli. The client brief was for a healthy environment with increased natural light and relaxing. Best possible improvements aimed to energy saving where also requested.
status: Project start June 2008, building Sept 2008, completed Jan 2009
design and documentation: Carlo Dal Vera architecture and mdv design studio
project management: mdv design studio
builder: Impresa Ciavarella
plumbing: Idraulica Coneglianese
electrical: Davide De Cal
photography: fotopsia
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