title: 16 [architecture, interior design, graphics design, art]
type: studio / office
location: conegliano, italy
program: office with 5 workstations in an open plan lay out to include functional areas of library, kitchenette, workshop and meeting area. Design of a multifunctional office furniture system (workstation / exhibition system / seating / dividing panels). The system is composed of 3 inter-lockable pieces: 1 cube (drawer / plinth / seat), 1 panel (work top / exhibition panel / divider), 1 frame (support / lock / seat back). Flexible lighting distribution with ceiling mounted electrified bars. Comfort and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) integrated criteria: acoustics, natural lighting, use of low VOC materials and finishes, recyclable, FSC certified timber, Class A+ electrical systems and appliances, aseptic interior plaster and paint.
client and brief: a group of diverse creative professionals in a collaborative relationship, require a space which is open and flexible to be used as a working studio office and exhibition space
status: completed
project and documentation: mdv design studio
project management: Giuseppe Dal Vera
materials: window glazing: low emission glazing; flooring: granite; render and plaster: clay and hydrated lime; bulk heads: plasterboard and wood-fiber acoustic insulated; custom furniture: FSC pine or birch plywood.
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